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More like a guide, less like a calendar tool

Worst part is this app is good only for 3 mths then you have to pay monthly or another rate. I find this app needs tweaking in providing time data for when the day moves into each zodiac sign, it doesnt help to say scorpio for the day. What if scorpio isnt until 10pm that day? Another problem is the moon phase is not useful. The phase image is so obscured and not accurate or clear. 1 day prior to a full moon will show as a 3/4 moon. Not good for phases. The calendar shows best and worst days for something to do but the colors are in varying shades. What does this mean? There is no help function. I find this app is better for simply reading up on activities related to phases of the moon. For use with actual moon and zodiac, it is not a valid or reliable tool. The biorhythm tool is fun to use.

No Data…?

I purchased this app until the end of January of this year and because I use it almost everyday I purchased until 2014. Unfortunately it now says that I have no data to view any information and have to purchase more. In the Apple store it says I can not purchase it because I have already purchased it... When I go to the service link for this app and send them an email with my issue I have received no response… I am very frustrated as I do very much like this app, but to purchase the app and receive no app and no service is very frustrating…

Perfect guide for health, gardening etc. - a must have app

For those who know the moon doesnt just influence the tides. Know the best time to cut hair, plant shrubs or see the dentist...

Underhanded sales technique

BEWARE!!! You think you are buying an app for a yearly calendar. You are actually buying a tester. What you actually get for your money is a 3 month calendar. You then have to pay 600 yen for the rest of year or 1400 yen for the next 3 calendar. As the data repeats for the moon cycle there is no reason for the data charge. さぎだ。実際は3ヶ月しか使わないです。


Youre buying this app only for 4 months..!! Nothing so special in it..

Lunar calendar

Very useful indeed

good App!

Good application, when the Italian translation? good job

dont waste ur money

been reading their books for years, the app makes u pay for a few lines of info (that u have online already) in pdf style, and includes 3months of calendar. i had bought the same app2011, they didnt improve or add anything. NON COMPRATE, se avete i libri non vi serve a nulla, non ha neanche il calendario annuale.

Very helpful

I love the biorhythms chart, it helps to find out why a certain family member is just not "feeling it "

Really wonderful

I can only encourage everyone to get this app and read more on the authors books. They are incredible people who have changed millions of lives. This calendar is a major utility in Europe and across the globe.

Great App

I was raised using an almanac. This is a great app for gardening & planing surgery. The moon sign should be leaving the area to be operated on my mother taught me. For us it works. Cant say it will for you. Im learning how biorhythms work so this is great to know. Over all its a useful app that is used almost daily! Its convenient to look up things because I always have my cell with me. I highly recommend getting this.


but not worth $10

Best Lunar Calendar on the market

I do not only mean this app but also the book from Paungger/Poppe. I believe this app gets bad reviews just because of the in-app prices but the actual books/calendar cost way more! If you own an iPhone or iPod touch and you are into this "moon-stuff" there is no way around this app. Its cheaper and you can always have it with you. I love it and my wife, too.

Great App!

Thank you for creating the app for the moon calendar! I have been using the book and day planners for over 10 years and find it wonderful to have it paperless. I gave it four stars since I would love to see additional information from the books like the "exception to the rule days" for certain things and planting of vegetables etc. Hope this will come with additional updates...?!

Personal notes

Every now and then I take a look at this calendar, which I think is very helpful! What I am missing is the opportunity to add personal notes and experiences for myself to the calendar.

Very Helpful

I try to check this app. everyday.

Neat app!

I like this lunar calendar, for the next release I would like to see tips and suggestions for the workplace i.e. Good days to have meetings, new ventures etc.


Would like to see this calibrated to u.s.a. Times, etc. Great app. Love the biorhythms.

Lacks depth

Simplistic, shallow, trite, limited, mercenary, was looking for much more, will remove

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